lost ozone

10 Jul

never throw away styrofoam you morons!
it could accidentally be incinerated

this releases a very light molecule which travels up up up to the top of the sky just before you go into orbit where the ozone forms a filter of the radiation rays … there is nothing to replace it once we mix it with CFCs our goose is just cooked… we will have to tunnel like moles out of the direct rays of the sun… my feeling the vegetation will not be as adversely affected so far it seems to be thriving the lack of rain seems much more detrimental although i guess we would have to ask a seasoned horticulturist to know for sure


styrofoam is great for packaging so recycling it is just a run through the dishwasher and a big garbage bag, to reuse it for mailing things in boxes … please be conscientious… it is really only a matter of time unless we get on it… the styrofoam industry im sure makes a lot of other products and will not sink under the weight of the demand curve falling, all those coffeecups are the BIG BIG BIG disgrace of our Lives… reuse it… reuse it… it takes 2 minutes to rinse it. a stain is not going to kill you… don’t let aesthetics hasten radiation … it is coming… CFCs are in all our air conditioners… freon… so hell… the hotter it gets the more we produce what is making it get hotter… what do they call that? CATCH 22?

thank you Yosarian


nature is silent

31 May


it’s actually monday morning

24 Apr

i said i would bLog on Sunday and here i messed up already
so many many new and wild things being Learned

it’s all about perspective
the troubles are often being dealt with because of alcoholism
you know everyone drinks
some people don’t know when to stop
every one of my friends will get drunk with me
for no apparent reason

an alteration of consciousness happens with all of the recreational activitys of our leisure after a certain age… there are of course those who refrain but one does feel that it is the work they are doing

and yes… the troubles … because alcohol impairs our judgment
it’s as simple as that
the suspension of judgment is a form of enlightenment


17 Apr

We have 50 days until Pentecost. It would behoove us to remember that clean is godly.

WHEREAS, i have now been a recluse for 15 years, i don’t have much time left… and it’s going faster!

RESOLVED, bLog every Sunday


7 Apr

Springtime is for cleaning.  I am opening up the house to air and sucking dust into the shopvack like nobody’s bizwaz  the pedestrain nature of this seasonal spin cycle has me constantly thinking about my sprouts and how they’re doing and the only thing that keeps me from overwatering them is that this house is filthy … there is no respite

starting a blog now at the beginning of the year when the sun is in the lambing time and all the shepherds are yo the beauty is coming oack yo every where in the new day so  forced to spend four hours -a-day on my poetry collection if it kills me even though im whitewashing the basement

tomorrow is my birth day

people actually like schedules, all this hey-go-mad-for-come-what-may is really not what we like  although some are in deep denial and profess great charms in the unknown

they’re lying


im not kidding

it is important after all because you know what being clean is next to?  just shy of?  only a smidgen off of scootching over to make room for zen


it’s all for zen all the time

if we are only for zen, the tao of zen, then …  well

  * * *

i love the editorial ellipses… perfect for featuring a new train coming through heading god only knows where


we’re about to find our                                     ♥

the thing about cleaning is that it is a great neurotic outlet … as a bandaid for the problem of being a girL in a man’s worLd

if only it were a gentleman’s world
not asking too much

not even asking a lot

just so

 *  *  *



April 3rd 2017

4 Apr

Happy New Year FooLs!  some people like to believe that the new year began on the vernal equinox… fooLs …  so this blog thing is not going so well at all… first of all and second of all and all of that wise and otherwise

my admiration for e.b.white grows… he seems more human all the time and i keep learning more things about things i thought i already understood… and i solved the walden mystery and then i wrote it down and im only guessing the only one who can tell me if that was what was on his mind then is he who proclaimed that walden is a mystery… might have said detective story… which is truly, right proper and fitting, to my idea that he disagrees with Henry when he says that being a farmer is a thankless endless chore

and that work being done by the farmer’s wife while he rides around on the horse plowing and sowing and hoeing and shoeing and such which is hard work and what they have to show for it is they don’t have to answer to anyone anywhere anytime but that did not last long… the whole ownership of Land thing is definitely at the bottom of it…  we are secretly living in a completely Marxist society but they’re hoping we will not notice

somewhere in history is the confiscation of property for the nonpayment of cash tax and that carpe momentai was the somewhere where we became marxists  even if we were all completely ethical the rules are there is no privacy that’s just the way it has worked out in The Third Millennium… a great crack down is going down between US … just for chuckles let’s try transparency …  capitalism doesn’t work without it


not private transparency which is what the public sector has pushed
but public transparency which is when the private sector will have actually capitalism

and not this shoddy unbalanced ineptitude of an economy
we now have the intelligence to play to win
instead of playing to be players
that way lies loss

Love wins.


Chebychev’s inequality states that the random variable with the standardeviation is close to the mean.


It’s all happening.

Marxism is what actually is right now.  It is.  What it is is nationalism of all property within set borders.  Capitalism has really never been tried.  It would work.


it will work when it is tried.
we shall do!

even though theoretically they are trying to fool us into thinking that’s what we’ve got here

what we’ve got here is measures not economy

you cannot even complain about The System and mean anything rational now
Capitalism is logical.  Economics is based on the wish-based-law-of-supply

If there is one exception to one rule, then it’s not a system.

So we have some work to do.
We have to get over wanting to get our own way.

This is a great great difficulty for people who are always right.
people like me


🙂 ™






12 Mar

was considered so new age back in 1970 …
it could send 6 pages a minute over a phoneLine