what- do we do now?

24 Oct

if this is the way to get things done by writing them out on the surface, then am doing it in the background other things are going on all the sane time such as it is if it makes things better if we just keep knowing who we really are than we shall do


i slam dance

19 Oct

it’s like i told my Carl today, a day for her is like a year and for me it is like a minute, so like a week is like a month but for me it’s like a day and then like a month is like a whole year in her time but for me it’s just a week so we’re different

odd days then for the rest of the season

7 Oct

because it is clear how much slips by when we try to share it verbally at least that sentence itself shows how bad we are at it doesn’t it and avoiding the use of punctuation altogether because voice is not poetical by nature we have to start being high fallutin but not sounding it

the thing is tone, incredibly so, everyone hears and knows exactly what we think / it’s actually quite reassuring even if we think im sfull of shitty e’re all like wows who knows what we think a novelty

the person who sits silently idly by at their leisure may not be the least bit chill and wishing you to the devil who knows? they’re not saying

we tend to think, if we speak up, that others will argue with us and help us to clarify and question together, but most folks dont do that neither

use it or lose it

29 Sep

so end times, and what is covered in October, i am always thinking about the eschatological fact of November with the kick off with all saints, and all souls, and baptisms and sunday school starts and choir starts up again after the summer hiatus Advent is just around the corner, so this is why all the ghosts and mummys at the end of October, the last day of the harvest, winter is a time for drying seeds and planning the next garden, and this year im going to take all winter to get ready for spring none of this last minute stuff roe me no suri ahhahaha

the keeper of the days

La France des marches le plaisir de vivre au quotidien.

Too bad about all the violent clashes in history, men really don’t seem to mind as much as we do but they really must don’t you think they do, someo of them don’t i guess, they like it, the violen ce seems a purpose a force field and supposedly protecition but really who is where that tells you all you need to know about the defenders that goes without saying but it is very hyard to see if you’re the defender and this is wht hte Union Army had down because who can rewrite freedom to suit a pocket

common hallowed ground

Autumn Equinox

27 Sep

so it’s been since when that i have blogged and i have way to many blogs and it’s like each one is a story about something
so this is my beginning in the winter of my life when every season is beauty and the cycles of time have changed so much and they don’t know they don’t know and why aren’t we telling them oh leave them alone leave them alone they’re only kids

and it doesn’t seem fair that it’s so messed up it really isn’t fair at all and it’s such a huge setback and will take eons to really get the balance back it’s just amazing really when you think about the hormones that brought this about

lost ozone

10 Jul

never throw away styrofoam you morons!
it could accidentally be incinerated

this releases a very light molecule which travels up up up to the top of the sky just before you go into orbit where the ozone forms a filter of the radiation rays … there is nothing to replace it once we mix it with CFCs our goose is just cooked… we will have to tunnel like moles out of the direct rays of the sun… my feeling the vegetation will not be as adversely affected so far it seems to be thriving the lack of rain seems much more detrimental although i guess we would have to ask a seasoned horticulturist to know for sure


styrofoam is great for packaging so recycling it is just a run through the dishwasher and a big garbage bag, to reuse it for mailing things in boxes … please be conscientious… it is really only a matter of time unless we get on it… the styrofoam industry im sure makes a lot of other products and will not sink under the weight of the demand curve falling, all those coffeecups are the BIG BIG BIG disgrace of our Lives… reuse it… reuse it… it takes 2 minutes to rinse it. a stain is not going to kill you… don’t let aesthetics hasten radiation … it is coming… CFCs are in all our air conditioners… freon… so hell… the hotter it gets the more we produce what is making it get hotter… what do they call that? CATCH 22?

thank you Yosarian


nature is silent

31 May