15 Feb

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segue into The Dead of Winter

6 Feb

it seems funny that new years day used to be april fools day and now you are a fool if you think so that whole shaming thing going on to make everyone change to january first and it worked obviously and attaching it to the liturgy has a lot to do with it but still easter more logically coincided with the new year except that people had much more leisure time in the dead of winter than just when they’re trying to get their planting done in the soft moist soil of the springtime

a 4 letter word for procrastinate?

27 Jan


aging gracefully

21 Jan

people equate crones with bitterness and bitterness with yotchy ish and it becomes a problem sometimes when you’re not funny anymore, it’s not funny, so there’s that and what else oh yes i am writing a short story about a priest who has to hear the entire grade school’s confession and he finds out that people are the sweetest thing in the world

he knew it in theory before
but didn’t become a gnostic until he saw the enormous potentially gracious thing education is

it wouldn’t let me put that i am @Drama Critic

17 Jan

as a Jane Austen fan one just has to say that by far

by far

the most comical male role is Mr. Collins
it’s just a fact.

i would like to see the scene where Mr. Collins arrives at Longbourne done by every man who calls himself an actor and then let me be the judge of who knows what he’s about

i would say anthony should play him but he is a bit too old for the part now, more’s the pity, a good fake prig though as the pimpernel, and i think jude would be a wonderful irony in the part who could easily pull it off and make it even more comical than it is written which is placing a high bar, you there, go and steal the show and be quick about it

thereseOKAMOTO wrote. “i dont think… therefore i am not” – 3rd Millenium Maxim by Anonymous

Forum: Trip The Light Fantastic Wed, 17 Jun 2009
Topic: Meditation
jean-m girard wrote:
What hit me the most, was that meditation was to let thought happen and to follow them, to let it tell it story, going to the end of it, which is a big subject
thereseOKAMOTO wrote.i refer u 2 the discourse on the difference between Thought & Thinking…

Forum: Trip The Light Fantastic Wed, 17 Jun 2009
Topic: Meditation
Yiming Zhang wrote:
Does meditation have any practical value?
thereseOKAMOTO wrote.Is it lucrative? no Is it healthy? yes

Forum: Trip The Light Fantastic Wed, 17 Jun 2009
Topic: Self
The power of disappointing them, it was true, must always be her’s. But that was not enough; for when people are determined on a mode of conduct which they know to be wrong, they feel injured by the expectation of any thing better from them. – Jane Austen
Forum: Trip The Light Fantastic Wed, 17 Jun 2009
Topic: Meditation
thereseOKAMOTO wrote.the way i understand it, thinking doesnt happen to us, we set our minds to thinking on purpose, i think the distinction is crucial in defining meditation as allowing thoughts to happen because it makes all the difference, in The Secret of the Golden Flower it says a hairsbreadth apart might as well be an abyss

Forum: Trip The Light Fantastic Thu, 18 Jun 2009
Topic: Meditation
jean-m girard wrote:
Are you saying by (we set our mind to thinking on purpose) that you choose a topic which you want a better understanding and then go into a state of meditation?
thereseOKAMOTO wrote.i would call that contemplation. Thinking is trying to access the right memory. otherwise, shit just comes up . i dont think i know how to not “allow” thoughts, i think its important to distinguish between thinking as active and thought arising passively, as it is to distinguish between meditate as a doing verb and a noun, which is to my mind, being in a state of meditation, i read the collection Meditations by JK and he writes of it as dynamic in a way which makes me believe one couldnt mistake it for anything else, i dont know which book it was from either but the most useful suggestion JK made, to me, on meditating was to begin by listening

people should be way beyond survival by now, the entire population of the world could fit into Rhode Island, there are more than enough resources to sustain us all generously and allow us to direct our energies to beauty, truth and goodness, the way i look at it, anything that makes people good, or is good for others, is good

Forum: Trip The Light Fantastic Sun, 21 Jun 2009
Topic: Self
“An artist’s only concern is to shoot for some kind of perfection, and on his own terms, not anyone else’s.” – J.D. Salinger, Franny and Zooey
Forum: Trip The Light Fantastic Sun, 21 Jun 2009
Topic: Meditation
thereseOKAMOTO wrote.from the word “choiceless” one can infer there is no “way” – there is no way to enter a meditative state, one can choose to sit down & empty the mind but one cannot choose whether or not one will be successful at it… faith is choiceless, one can believe in order to understand, but one cannot decide to have faith …

Forum: Trip The Light Fantastic Fri, 26 Jun 2009
Topic: Meditation
rachMiel … wrote:
not trying to defeat; “be a light unto yourself” but rather: questioning his methodology
thereseOKAMOTO wrote.what is consciousness without content? what is the mind like when it isnt being useful?

in another thread there is a expression of the deep seated fears that arise when getting close to emptying the last iota of conditioning and entering a meditative state, if one even attempts to think about what that might look like it can cause anxiety… this scary stage of meditation is documented in the book Stumbling To Enlightenment by Geri Larson, from detroit, she was a high power business consultant who developed a nervous tic in her eTye and her doctor gave her some tranquilizers and she got another tic in her other eye, so her doctor recommended meditation, in a week both tics were gone never to return, the experience is related in her about how she became a buddhist…

my point being we can gain lots of intelligence about methods of meditation from many sources and when you actually sit down to do it, it can give you a fright and as all terrorists are well aware, people will do anything to not be afraid, so dont give up, to my mind, JKs simple methodology keeps my interior thoughts from arising because by listening, consciousness can become more & ever more passive, closer to the matter of yin, helpless without the energy of yang

JK expresses somewhere the first step of meditation is listening and so is the last step, this seems to me as useful if not more useful as zen or yoga or tao meditative instruction and i can carry it with me all day everyday through the ordinary beauty and the bewildering confusion

Forum: Trip The Light Fantastic Thu, 16 Jul 2009
Topic: Meditation
jean-m girard wrote:
how do you applied this in your daily meditation
thereseOKAMOTO wrote.in my experience meditation isnt an act of will… it would be lovely to be in a meditative state on a daily basis, however the world is too much with me, im a realist, i weep for the world, rain falling on folly

Forum: Trip The Light Fantastic Sun, 06 Sep 2009
Topic: Religion:Humanity’s Bitter Curse
Zahira Alaskar wrote:
Religion is humanity?s bitter curse.
Therese Okamoto replied.
Doing things religiously is just human nature. We all have our addictions, healthy and unhealthy. I suspect the “bitter curse” is meeting the enemy and not recognizing ourselves. I think its rooted in our ability to feel better about ourselves by tearing down others. What does one resent more the bitterness? or the sweetness

nous sommes francais (although clearly i am not as i don’t even know the plural de Les Français)

12 Jan
  1. The free communication of ideas and opinions is one of the most precious of the rights of man. Every citizen may, accordingly, speak, write, and print with freedom, but shall be responsible for such abuses of this freedom as shall be defined by law.Article 11. Of the Napoleonic Code: The Rights of Citizens by Lafayette

Lafayette wrote The Rights of Citizens when it was revolutionary, apparently it still is! Aviez parlé! and they were marching against BokoHaran, only they just didn’t know it

The Napoleonic Code, Article 11., is alive and well. VIVE PARLER!
VIVE CODE DU LEON! (and in America as of January 21, 2010 we’ve gone even further than Lafayette with “fascinating theoretical constructs” (OOFB <overheard on fb)

which is to say, the 100s of dead this week from terrorism in Nigeria were all represented in paris yesterday, the only difference is, nobody has actually explained why the people are being gunned down in Nigeria, but from my research the thinking is similar to the Luddites who broke all the automated looms when their weaving trade was threatened. they are against literacy

in fact a literal translation of “Boko Haran” can be understood as “publishing bad” (per se) and im guessing because it invests the media with unjust powers although god only knows how they take the next step to justify gunning down people, and also villagers

but you’re right, it is the same thing, only nobody knows

if you look at it as marching for Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning, and John Kiriakou, and Larry Flynt, and now Raif Badawi, why all of The Reporters who have a right to report, and not be “shut up” and even Citizens United, then it becomes more clear … spelling it out wise

they’re in the streets for Article 11 AKA The First Amendment


  1. 6:49 AM

Economist asks:  Does Islam not have room for Voltaire to convert into their faith?  because he stood for art.  That all freedom of expression is the ultimate creativity.  That if you believe in God, then by God, he will die fight for your right to believe in God.  

Patricia Ann Doyle:   so Voltaire could not be a Muslim?  he is theoretically excluded
and then neither can he be a Christian, nor can he be a Jew!

is it true?  well, if you define it as one of the faithful then definitely
could not be one of us
he would be with the ones who were gunned down making fun of the faith

this is why we do not speak of God i suppose
we cannot speak for her
she has channeled all of her ideas into the history of jewish geneology and so now we have no need to question scripture at all

we just have to stop taking it so literally
What is the LESSON?

you may well ask

god has nothing to do with freedom of speech
it is strictly between us
muslims can be voltaire

mutually exclusive

Vive Napoleon! Vive Buonaparte! Vive La France!

Old bony knew what’s up…
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Patricia Ann Doyle It’s hilarious when you think of what Russia pulled.
Napoleon held a war and The Czar did not show up.

it’s just so

Waterloo was Wellington daring Napoleon to meet him. He had spent years on the coast of Portugal, in and out of Spain taking on Joseph Buonaparte, couldn’t expect to storm Normandy Beach

The French had just come off a wild revolution. They were ready for peace. But they had mass post traumatic stress syndrome so their soldiers were pissed off mo fos, and they were hard to beat, they spread Lafayette’s manifesto around Europe wherever The French army went they conquered.  But then… after no one came back from Russia, and Napoleon was in exile,  It was all over.  Why did they leave him freeon the island of Elba, just a boatride from home?


Leon had turned his back on The Duke when he went to meet The Czar and that was unforgiveable. The Duke’s defeat of Napoleon made him the absolute dictator of The United Kingdom until the day he died. If Victoria could not get along with The Opposition, Wellington was the Arbitrator.  The real feat of his lifetime was saving Canada for the crown in 1812.

Miles Edinger the real jihad

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Adam Dordevic When you agree to work for the police force, you can’t be selective about whom to protect. You would have protect everyone regardless of their background. Plus, Voltaire was an atheist. He ridiculed the prophet. He was far from being a muslim.
Like · Reply · 18 · 56 mins · Edited

Dalssamis Itri Imiliar he die to save a Non muslim … think about that !
Like · Reply · 55 mins

Wai Kiong Chan The Economist used to be a credible newspaper.
Like · Reply · 9 · 55 mins

Abubakar Dan Asabe God knows best
Like · Reply · 3 · 52 mins

Justin Woddis Seriously people, do you really think the economist is saying that voltaire was really a Muslim? If so I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.

They are just saying that someone actually did die defending others for their freedom of speech and that that counts for more than just talking about it.

Really – learn to recognise good writing and stop having trigger reactions to everything you read
Like · Reply · 33 · 52 mins

Sean Mason People are too ideological to read and comprehend simple concepts today. They quickly dismiss anything that doesn’t confirm their bias and bigotry.
Like · 1 · 39 mins

Ervin Prifti journalists ridicule everyone regardless of religion, so why should islam be treated differently. journalists make fun of the pope, of buddha or whatever. Why are british people such hypocrits about this?

Like · Reply · 2 · 51 mins

Michael Molloy The Economist is a tabloid
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Katia Beghetto RIP Ahmed
Like · Reply · 1 · 50 mins

Monty Newhook This is Total BullShit, even if it IS a Question. The Answer to the Question is: NO
Like · Reply · 2 · 49 mins · Edited

Justin Woddis Do you know what irony is??
Like · 26 mins

Mickael Destrempes voltaire NEVER wrote that line

Like · Reply · 2 · 48 mins

Jenny Butler HOW
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Isaac Evans Go away economist you are crap
Like · Reply · 47 mins

Frank Young Who here is willing to die for Charlie Hedbo’s cartoons?
Yeah. I thought so.
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Ken Schroeter Religion deserves ridicule, as do all ridiculous ideas. That he died reflects more on his murderer’s ridiculous ideas than anything else. A seemingly good man died. It had nothing to do with his religion and everything to do with his being a good man at the wrong place and the wrong time.
Like · Reply · 6 · 44 mins

Mikael Björnson Was it really Voltaire who coined that expression? I though it was Evelyn Beatrice Hall, in a biography on Voltaire?
Like · Reply · 3 · 44 mins · Edited

Luke Feinberg No. Voltaire wrote a play satirizing Muhammad. That’s why people have been referencing him.
Like · Reply · 2 · 43 mins

Fahad Chughtai You know what else Voltaire said? Lots of anti-Semitic stuff, that would have sent him to jail in France.
Like · Reply · 1 · 43 mins

Muhamad Hamdy lol, Shakespeare was a muslim too, his actual name was Sheikh Speare, but it changed with time looooooooooooooooooooooooool
Like · Reply · 6 · 43 mins

Jimmy Jones Some of the learned commenters may wish to look up apocryphal in a dictionary, just saying..,
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Chien Ronnie God bless.RIP.Amen.
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Sjölin Swen He stated écrasez l’infâme (crush the infamous) when he talked about the church and he was an diest it is believed.He also said “Superstition sets the whole world in flames; philosophy quenches them.”
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Franz Astor http://www.memri.org/report/en/0/0/0/0/0/0/8206.htm

In Open Letter To Muslim World, French Muslim Philosopher Says Islam Has Given Birth To…
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Constance Lydie FYI The Economist that citation is not Voltaire’s statement but rather Evelyn Beatrice Hall’s – please check your sources.
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Justin Woddis That’s actually what it says (tho it doesn’t mention her by name)
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Taher Kathawala Zara… interesting.

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Zewdu Ambelu Tanks to God , being I am not Muslim.
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Stephen Corke I’d like to comment on this without reading the article or even managing to read the above summary.
Like · Reply · 7 · 38 mins

Paul Johnston Interesting comments about Voltaire. He was NOT of course an atheist. His last wrtten words included: “I die adoring God, loving my friends, not hating my enemies, and detesting superstition.”

He certainly was critical of religion and was very probably agnostic at times, but his ultimate words suggest his belief in god but not his belief in organised religion.
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Jit Dutta Ahmed was at the wrong place at the wrong time. Given the option I doubt he would have anything to do with ‘defending Charlie’.
Like · Reply · 2 · 36 mins

Kim Jacobs He died doing his job which was to protect the innocent & uphold the law. He didn’t pick & chose who he did this for. It obviously wasn’t as important to him as it seems to you.
Yours is a pretty sad comment all things considered.
Like · 1 · 32 mins

Amine Feres Coz he’s a muslim?! For ur Information Maghreb fought the Nazis with the French, the story did not say that one woman is raped by soldiers against Americans violated French women
Like · 26 mins

Richard Jones Hamilton Pisses me off that people are writing in the name of the dead police man. He didn’t die defending journalists right to ridicule only their right not to be killed by idiots
Like · Reply · 2 · 34 mins · Edited

Khalek Bahador you are an idiot
Like · 31 mins

Richard Jones Hamilton Why would you say that? Explain. So you believe what happened in Paris was right?
Like · 30 mins · Edited

Joe Mohen #jesuisAhmed

Like · Reply · 34 mins

Amine Feres Ahmed is a Tunisian
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Irča Buršová Voltaire didn’t say the phrase. It was Evelyn Beatrice Hall the author of his biography. She wrote it in a first person, co it sounded like citation.

Like · Reply · 3 · 30 mins

Patrick Lewis What absolute rubbish. What will it take for The Economist, becoming more left wing by the day and increasingly unaware of the needs and thoughts of the majority of British society, to write an article calling for an end to Islamic immigration?
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Christine Cupo Misappropriated quote!
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Ottavia LunaeDharma Spisni che due palle questi argomenti
See Translation
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Alic Kaya why are people getting upset about voltaire not having actually said that line… the post/article SAYS voltaire never actually said that line! *face palm* I’m going out on a limb in guessing that The Economist doesn’t actually believe Voltaire was Muslim but is using the now-trending twitter interpretation of a famous quote to introduce questions about freedom of speech within the Muslim faith. People are really missing the forest for the trees on this one. Did any of these “pundits” even bother to read the article?
Like · Reply · 4 · 28 mins

Azucena Peralta I swear if one more person attributes this quote to Voltaire I’m going to kill myself.
Like · Reply · 28 mins

Alic Kaya don’t worry, no one did.
Like · 1 · 24 mins

Eden Costil Yes Voltaire said that! lol..upppss…don’t kill urself u are too precious as human being
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Bien Canonizado lord no!
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Kamal Das Voltaire never said it.
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Matěj Jungwirth http://www.themarysue.com/voltaire-beatrice-evelyn-hall/

Remember, That Famous Voltaire Quote About Free Speech Was Written By a Woman
Like · Reply · 25 mins

Inger-Marie Schjønberg “Monsieur l’abbé, I detest what you write, but I would give my life to make it possible for you to continue to write.”  Voltaire, letter to M. le Riche, February 6, 1770
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Patricia Ann Doyle i guess it’s like a world wide web … wherever The Reporter are being subpoened and wiretapped, jailed, flogged once a week, and exiled to Russia, gunned down in the pressbox, things like this The Reporter is subjected to this for his right to say what he thinks is true

this civil war is being fought with the law on one side of it screaming security! and freedom on the other saying no, you’re scary


That’s what Civil War is.
Voltaire fought for the right for god to exist.
Yankees fought for slavery not to exist (Apparently a lot of them didn’t know it and wouldn’t have fought if they did, but the facts seem pretty clear that all the politics hinged on The Dred Scot case and not State’s Rights, although to hear the politicians there would be no mistaking the thrust of the argument was for and against the independence of each state as The State, and we became an “is.” (As Shelby Foote put it, the grammar changed from we are to we is.)  The Confederates were hard to beat. The Yankees really had not clue one how a young man will defend his homeland from invasion. From Carolina to Texas, from the southern coast of America to deep into the heartland, boys fought to the death when the other boys crossed the line.

boys are angry mofos
they feel that girls get all the breaks
until they think about it for one second
and realize that the feeling that girls get all the breaks
has shaped the world
where girls are being systematically broken
while some make their breaks
and some just being born in that family is a lucky break
and we wouldn’t have it any other way
when we stop for one second and think about the people we Love to the moon

US is now focused on a new Supreme Court decision, The Money Talks case which is the same thing as THE FIRST AMENDMENT protection. And THAT is going to be watched carefully by the rest of the world that live withThe Napoleonic Code, The Rights of Citizens,  and Sharia, and The Ten Commandments, and The Great Commandments … plenty of Law to go around


and we still have it in Louisiana great for the tax breaks

and for some reason i just realized the extent of the oxford comma controversy


let’s let them all go undercover with cameras

7 Jan

okay so here’s the thing, anyone who ever had a son knows that boys are hot headed, and one more than the other, and they THINK it’s because Sally doesn’t Love me, but really they are pissed off that the world is so fucked up and that they are going to have the whole thing dumped on them whether they like it or not and fuck THAT

so if there are two officers, one is more hot headed than the other, this isn’t a criticism, it is just true

veterans are a huge portion of enforcement and they idea of shoot first ask questions later has changed to never shoot, which is a civil civilian in civvies thing to do.

Interestingly the uniform is a vision of authority. If we had nothing but undercover cops flashing badges at us, how would that work for safety and security being provided?

This work slowdown in NYC is interesting. It makes me want to make a “go-fund-me” for the mayor so that he may have a huge amount of income to propose all kinds of great initiatives in gotham city.

Eric did not die in vain.

So no you may not use your gun is not working out so well especially because the extremely hotheaded who have police records themselves for violence:
… shot an unarmed kid? keep your job, put your wife in the hospital? keep your job, fail a piss test? you’re out of there… see now i can’t help but feel that the guy who failed the piss test is exactly the one who would not shoot an unarmed lad or beat the shit ouf of his best girl and they’re the ones that we won’t let them protect us because they party?

this is all military stuff
you’re not in a foreign land soldier
this is america
that is not a mawangi dad
it’s your son’s quarterback

i love guns
and i feel bad that other countries can’t trust their own people to have them
can’t trust their own officers to carry them
this rule that all officers always carry a gun is the bad ass psychology of never off duty that makes an army dangerous to an enemy in their own beds with their own childfren going to school right there where that school used to be


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