12 Mar

was considered so new age back in 1970 …
it could send 6 pages a minute over a phoneLine


4 Mar

a rare element, it turns things upside down

Comments? Criticisms?

19 Jan

so if you have any comments to make about anything you’ve read so far on any of my blogs… you can make them here


i accidentally (on purpose?) changed my format and now it doesn’t have that art deco look to it

14 Jan

actually im guessing it was 50s , now it’s just stupid & wrong



31 Dec

my new iDea is wordPORN as aLL & sundry will tell you


31 Dec

like any sensible girL on NYE she was prepared for change… in fact… she was sure this was to be the Launch of her bLogging successes … she was going to do her words daily… do.her.words. as they say… do it in words n—  and look at this red line it will not quit…  it wants a period.  this is not the case  What can be happening?  my doodness drasias…i will switch to html…
much better… i wonder if the right click shows me here…ahhahah, drains or daisys?

the important part is writing in the 3rd person then they won’t go capitalizing my I for me which I hate i if you go back and change it back at least they let you keep it which is more than i can say for medium… we’re through … this is my second go round with them and none of these people even bother to ask the people who are going to use it what they would Like… there should just be two options, grammar Nazi and Prince … that way we can do as we please as painters of letters without the inconvenience given to the editor of articles not at all the same thing … and yet… one does feel restful knowing that those armys are out there insisting i put a colon after the salutation in a block letter and i hate her because she is an idiot but she is also the boss and that is a bit of an oversight on my part… still i may be sending out vibes … better reel em in …. little missy… she said to herself… there is no harm I’m breaking the 4th wall she said to the empty hall and the greek chorus echoed there is no harm no foul that’s what we’re here for to keep yall honest

most certainly third world problems… nobody you know has this problem… perhaps it is the problem with The Harem Books … nobody you know would complain about this… and so why would you be the Least bit interested in reading The Harem Books. There was a time when fairy tales were unimportant. Just for babys. As it was then the only needs who were getting answered were theirs. This was super problematic. As you can imagine. Maybe not. Maybe you have no imagination to speak of. Maybe it’s all Bizwaz City with you. there are some questionable unacceptable problems and no one seems to be actually addressing them actually in any reaL way… and do not know how big it is or in what directions it reaches out across the universe and squishes your head … and it all worrys hell out of me and i think it does you too and instead of being in it together you say you worry… the reason for all of this methodology… we have only ourselves to bLame… no one is blaming anyone … what makes you think i feel it is my place to fault you. to shame you, don’t make me worry about you too… we got enough to worry about here already… we are on each other’s side… we are… we are … we are


Story goes.

7 Nov

i have too many storys to tell… one after the other they must be flushed and put into 26 letters and made into a thing that people can imagine and that is what you are trying to do and this is not the place to do it, this is the place where you record the momentusness of the world! and at this time that would appear to be something like novelwriting, it is so apparently not happening either as Jane Fonda says “8 days does not a week make”   this is for all the mistakes… that was a mistake! who said that?  Bruce! in Searching for Bobby Fischer.  dang! i finally remembered…  and how many pages and how many words later before you can sleep?