sleight of hand

14 Jan

the repetitive themes of conflict recur


including all the anthropological categorys primarily

red, yellow and blue

then there is the duality question … sex differences, age differences, with a little bit of nuance there for the tweens and their ilk, the either/or things that make sooooooo much difference!

what girls do is they judge from their feelings

then there is this kind of thing in a country founded on religious freedom…


disposable income

14 Jan

no one talks about money

how many people know how much money you have, how much you make and everyone assumes the best


ahhahah this is supposedly to keep class from being about money

as if it were …  ahhahah  okay so what is going on here culturally


it is a universal  for one thing

the relationship between elegance and affluence

it’s kind of like England and France

there is something about being able to afford the luxury of being elegant but most people don’t realize the style is absolutely one of conscientious consideration, anything less is not a French aristocrat

that girl does it all  … she can run a household of 1000 servants
can you afford that many?

can you imagine, how much work a woman must have had to take care of all the slaves?

and how some of them just despaired of it and largely ignored them, letting them take care of themselves, although they had no resources

but do not despair, Gentlemen have an equally stringent calling  for conscientious consideration… if they want to have any class, they are devoted husbands to their wife and that was not even a possibility when they were comparing notes after dinner when the ladies retired to the withdrawing room while they smoked and drank

the ladies had tea
and when coffee became introduced
it was considered a la mode
to have a touch of nutmeg
nutmeg was 250 pounds an ounce

can you imagine?
That’s like the equivalent of $400 now.

History is full of so many interesting things.

Because people have the silliest ideas.
And the sexual politics is a wellspring of sport!

the bottomLINE



5 Jan

surveillance is the new piss test

having to hand over your very own pee to a strange lab rat was once considered a huge violation of privacy

now they record everything we share on wireless
and every one shrugs “i have nothing to hide”

If you have nothing to hide then post your social security number in the comments below. Thank you for giving away your rights.

oh and by the way, you also gave away your FICA taxes because that trust fund has been raided, they need to sic the antitrust dogs on themselves

another one of those good things that sound bad
even worse,
and the opposite
the bad things that sound good
e.g., Citizens United and Right2Work

the media who decides what to call these things are the ones who benefit the most if you do not understand that they are infringements

it’s very strange how they act and think as if they’re never going to die … how quickly we forget!

the 10th day of Christmas

4 Jan

Christmas isn’t over yet folks. We’ve got the whole weekend and MONDAY is EPIPHANY. Which would be what a blessing it is to be back in the round. Back on the ground. And running.


4 Jan

okay so these boys want their boys out of jail yesterday and they’re saying this is how you do it, you take a federal building because that’s when fed have to do something about … all the rest of activism is not even a sit in at a university… it’s not forcing anyone’s hand

fucking bubbas behind bars
… trippin balls …
what if they let those boys out of jail

then what about all those boys in jail?

can we spring them too?


what this calls for is that thing where the jury declares a misstrial because The Law itself is unfair… they never use that one! AND iT iS the most important option of all… with this we could change the salary of The Congress instead of leaving iT in their hands. Challenge the Law. how this would look could fill volumes of fiction about stand-downs and court precedents, oh you mean like The Parliament. There is a reason why you study The British when you study politics.

When Might continued to make despite the many crossroads Christianity had made into the wilderness still at the back of their minds they resisted this giving up of might.  The Almighty gave US freedom and we throw it back in his face and say, no we aren’t up to it.  We need watchdogs.

There has to be a great willingness on the part of the politicians to sacrifice the lives of young men. At bottom.

the architect designed buildings in the 70s so that it could be put on lockdown in five seconds and the students couldn’t take over the building so they sat down in the foyer, on the stairs, all around… speaking in favor of the students even when they did actually take over the offices and occupy all the floors of the entire building, even that did not sabotage the records nor confiscate any, no one was calling them thieves or cheats, nothing was done that would compromise the college, they really were just trying to say, it’s all a farce if they’re sending our friends into jungles where people try to kill them?

we’re not letting this farce go on, you can’t sacrifice our friends anymore you beasts! hopefully having the courage to stand with our friends and not with the nation them being our friends and all

friendship is the hardest and most rewarding thing on earth

suffer the children to read about the smite, smote, slain… and the Lord saith: Bad idea kids. Being smote and slaughtered really sucked. Why are they still doing it? Don’t they get the message “Might does not make right.” and look at all this blood, caught redhanded poaching the game in the park.
And all the hoops they have to jump through to wash it off.
The books all parlay the same diplomacy between every line in the entirety of the collection from BC3777 to John writing The Apocalypse, and by a variety of other authors in the time between those two, they believe Moses wrote Genesis, probably about 56 odd Jews altogether who had a way with a feather and a bottle of ink made the cut, then all the gnostic books had to be banned, but fortunately were preserved and found in 1945,

my personal favorite of the new testament is the book of matthew and where he jotted down the sermon that The Lord gave on the mountain pretty much sums it up:



polka dot pinwheel in winter
i must go shovel the driveway outdoors
in the air
it’s like smoking you can feel it going in and coming out
i like it
the cold is strangely painful at first
people who have never gone swimming in a cold swimming hole,
after the plunge it is like bathwater … really…

the bubbas are taking a stand to free two of their homes and their girls are right there with them cheering them and feeding them, and their girls, truth be told, they wait, they do, they’re waiting, his momma, and his girl and their girls and his grams and his aunts cousins nieces darling baby grand girls …
they’re waiting for the fed to let the two
must-have-done-something-dumb bubbas out of jail …
declare it a misstrial do something…
make them join The National Guard
make all of them join The National Guard
for your punishment you will be fed,
and the Confederates will cooperate
as long as you let the two bubbas go home!

we want to go home and be normal with our bubbas around …
get it now?
going home matters!
Jesus saves those who Learns to their boots that Might don’t make nobody Right Son. Nobody knows it better than The Lord the ALmighty
he don’t bully no one
not ever
not by proxy
not by his will be done
to kingdom come
which is always doing that sentimental shit that makes the girls cry so easy
hate it!
it’s tooooo much!

we can’t handle the truth
we call it drama
only its not
drama is on the screen
not in the heart
in the heart is why drama is so damn interesting when it’s star wars  for example


all the storys are questions

2 Jan

and none of them escape our scrutiny …

a report is a review from a particular point of view
being the reporters
and so they are writing about THIS
and he is making suggestions about how to handle the controversy
without ever speaking at the reason there was a controversy in the first place

the point was to consider their options at that point
the idea of opening up a new news outlet
is one that journalists read about with trepidation
there are tremendous risks associated with being on the wrong side of the going thing
and everyone knows it
even the ones who benefit most by it
feel it


the easy solution is to call the problem :  enter tain ment
attainment at the point of ENTER


so many N so little time

Needs Work

14 Dec

i had written all of this already and probably better and it disappeared suddenly … the computer gods seemed to want me to try again and i honestly don’t think i’ve done as good a job at explaining myself as i had the first time

you cannot choose to be unconditioned … you have to actually BE unconditioned

so how do we do that?

the most important thing to remember is that freedom is more important than anything else… Love and freedom are intricately entwined within each other.  So how do we set ourselves free?

The first thing to notice is perhaps that we are all up in each other’s bizwaz? all this business, it is just busyness… it’s a set up… the human animal has set up the society so that we cannot be free!  only by living on the tireless planet that has allowed all the other Life to live without business can we meditate, which is the state of being Free  mostly free of Fear, which is the worst… and leads us all into temptation, thinking if only we had more power we would not be afraid.  And in fact, it is true, the only real power is Love and it is fearless.  Unfortunately most people think that Power is Control.
It does have some of the feelings of power, but there is only one real power and it is Love.  All the other forms of control are never satisfactory.  They just lead to more and more and more control.  This is not power.  Power sets you free!

And we are most of us like the drones in the bee society.  The queens have all the control and they have a nagging sense that something is missing.  First of all there is a lot of control that is written on paper by dead men that extends their hand into the living world and even the queens are subject to these poor deluded misguided souls who have done so much damage.  If we compare our civilization to the unwritten American society that existed here 500 years ago we can see that writing it down only complicates matters and doesn’t make anyone even a little bit happier or less fearful.

So even the queens, the people who think they are powerful but really are just forceful and willful and as scared as you are at bottom which is why they must be super shallow, since they actually have control of the resources which could help others be more comfortable but they cannot bring themselves to share because they’re terrified, absolutely lost to the actual free world with all the trappings they can trap themselves in, and that’s a lot!  i digress…  the point i am making is that business is not real… it’s a set up… we are all duping each other incessantly within institutions that are self perpetuating control machines that are all corrupt at this point… the good news is they can all clean up their act in a heartbeat, one heartbeat, all they have to do is stop…  the whole thing can be turned around in a moment…  all they have to do is be free!

so how?  well meditation is the easiest thing in the world.  it has nothing to do with watching yourself, indeed that is a likely a guarantee that you are further trapping yourself in your own conditions and not able to stand on free ground

here is a clue:  set someone else free!  imagine that you are going to put your friend into a state of meditation, set them unconditionally free… all you have to do is get out of their way, not interfere, not attempt to control them in any way

now there are other factors in their lives i know, which means that it is not you alone who will be able to set them free , but to Learn your relationship with yourself must be as free of control as it would be if you set a friend free…  see, it is now this choiceless, effortless, letting others be who they really are where meditation begins, liberty to Love,  can you apply it to yourself?

Human beings are good.  A person who has found the ground and is truly free will never impose on another’s freedom, the only power really is Love, so you have to Love yourself that much.  This is what the bodhisattvas are up to, they see the interconnected spirit and how our deep seated fear of pain and death makes us constantly trying to control control control.

So first realize that control has nothing to do with power.  It may look like power.  It may even smell like power.  But you’re thinking of force.  Power is something satisfactory in itself.  You always have enough of it from your own source.  There is no need to impose on others.  No need to control.

So meditation is unconditional in itself.  You have actually found the free earth and are standing on it, and meditation happens.

Now when you emerge from meditation you will find all the people thinking they’re powerful and enjoying taking away everyone’s freedom around you have never known freedom, but you have known freedom and you are not fooled into playing into that struggle for more and more control.  You have vanquished the slave in you.  People will continue coercing you into doing the slave but the spirit of the slave is dead forever, you know better.  They are the slaves because they live in fear.  This isn’t to say that you won’t be anxious or worried about your beloveds.  Sadly.  The control over them will continue to cause you anguish and sadness, but you have seen the truth and it has set you free and no one can ever take it away from you.

and there is no going back, once you truly have power, you will not want to interfere, you will not want to impose, you will not want to be conditional, you will not have expectations, you will see that each person in their own right if they could all stop with the control and get with the real power, which is Liberty! well, we’d all be fine…

meditation will come upon you unexpectedly when you have found out that your thought is almost all control oriented, and the rest of your thoughts can live in freedom as well, meditation is does not mean you’re brain dead

so anyway try that, imagine that you are setting me free instead of yourself, watching my mind is fully as efficacious as watching your own when it comes to getting to freedom…  people are always saying “let it go!”  but there isn’t any way to do that…  any more than we can let someone else go… it seems nonsensical doesn’t it?  for me to put you into a meditative state

it’s equally nonsensical to put yourself into one… watch how you think you can control and know that you must not even want to consciously, there may even be an element of “i don’t deserve to be free”… you may have great opinions about how we can do better, and they might even be true in the context of the nowstanding structures which have created all the busyness which is the struggle to just survive, but the truth is:  we are all truly Free as soon as we are free of control and full of the only viable actual power that there actually is.

and we’ll be good, we’ll be great, the free have given up malice and violence, it is seen for what it is, stupid and wrong, it isn’t possible for a free person to take another person’s freedom away from them,  Freedom doesn’t have to try to be virtuous, or religious or purge the devil or any of that stuff… Liberty is Love

it sounds harsh to say that if you aren’t free, then you cannot Love…  if there are any conditions, that it isn’t Love at all … until you look at the way the world is set up and you have to admit, for some reason we want Love and even more we want our Loved ones to have Love but we’re not doing a very good job at it…  if it is what we all want so badly, then why is it that no one is getting what they want?  it is because of the conditions … Freedom is without conditions.  It just is.  Sorry.   Would you believe someone if you held a gun to their head and said “Tell me you Love me!”  even if it were true you wouldn’t trust it.

so to say “unconditional Love” is redundant they are the same thing…  i am not making a great demand of you… if i sound like pie-in-the-sky… you’re not Listening!  sure i’d like to get all of us back to living in freedom on the Land… the thing is (and it’s a very big thing) you already are!  you just don’t know it!  FIND OUT!  and have the courage to be yourself

no greater advice can i give:  Be yourself!

ANYWAY i will probably delete this as soon as people start making me feel bad about it like happens a lot  >>>  for some reason it is considered a great revolution to be real  and people would rather belittle me than speak at what i have said… so be it   … i Love you all and will continue to hope for you will set me free and in so doing set the whole world free!  it’s in your power… hell, it’s the only thing in your power


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