Story goes.

7 Nov

i have too many storys to tell… one after the other they must be flushed and put into 26 letters and made into a thing that people can imagine and that is what you are trying to do and this is not the place to do it, this is the place where you record the momentusness of the world! and at this time that would appear to be something like novelwriting, it is so apparently not happening either as it is almost the first Monday of November which means you’ve had a week, but you say, 6 days does not a week make … and how many pages and how many words later before you can sleep? 

googly eyes

13 May

eyewitness film has changed everything when there were riots in London for three days the police did not show up they filmed it then Scotland Yard ran the whole thing through facial identification and arrested 900 people in a week. Justice made some scobs on that deal.


4 May

clinging was my theme yesterday as i was writing about how we want everyone else to change except for US

as if we are not the major contribution
What would Socialism look like?
And what about the White Guard
seriously Look what happened to The Bolsheveks

THeY have standardized LINEX.  what are they thinking?

it’s such a Loaded word…  because of these associations

Mostly the only thing that keeps adjusting and changing is THe MEdia in all its facets oh my the newspaper that Benjamin Franklin published with his brother … if they could see us…and we are The Media how.. if we are social creatures


and who could have guessed who the social would be?

this is what happens when politicians are political instead of governing

what if you had enough money to give away?  more than enough!  who would get it?

born yesterday

23 Apr

BornYesterday is a lovely movie starring melanieGRIFFITH who plays a dumb blonde and johnGOODMAN who hires donJOHNSON to tutor her.


Ms.Griffith’s voice is so beautiful that it is easy to see why she steals the show whenever she plays in any old show. In fact, I cannot guess whether she was voice coached to use a Brooklyn accent in WorkingGirl or if she’s from Brooklyn (although anyone from Brooklyn would obviously know) my point being, im guessing Ms.Griffith can sing.

sleight of hand

14 Jan

the repetitive themes of conflict recur


including all the anthropological categorys primarily

red, yellow and blue

then there is the duality question … sex differences, age differences, with a little bit of nuance there for the tweens and their ilk, the either/or things that make sooooooo much difference!

what girls do is they judge from their feelings

then there is this kind of thing in a country founded on religious freedom…


disposable income

14 Jan

no one talks about money

how many people know how much money you have, how much you make and everyone assumes the best


ahhahah this is supposedly to keep class from being about money

as if it were …  ahhahah  okay so what is going on here culturally


it is a universal  for one thing

the relationship between elegance and affluence

it’s kind of like England and France

there is something about being able to afford the luxury of being elegant but most people don’t realize the style is absolutely one of conscientious consideration, anything less is not a French aristocrat

that girl does it all  … she can run a household of 1000 servants
can you afford that many?

can you imagine, how much work a woman must have had to take care of all the slaves?

and how some of them just despaired of it and largely ignored them, letting them take care of themselves, although they had no resources

but do not despair, Gentlemen have an equally stringent calling  for conscientious consideration… if they want to have any class, they are devoted husbands to their wife and that was not even a possibility when they were comparing notes after dinner when the ladies retired to the withdrawing room while they smoked and drank

the ladies had tea
and when coffee became introduced
it was considered a la mode
to have a touch of nutmeg
nutmeg was 250 pounds an ounce

can you imagine?
That’s like the equivalent of $400 now.

History is full of so many interesting things.

Because people have the silliest ideas.
And the sexual politics is a wellspring of sport!

the bottomLINE



5 Jan

surveillance is the new piss test

having to hand over your very own pee to a strange lab rat was once considered a huge violation of privacy

now they record everything we share on wireless
and every one shrugs “i have nothing to hide”

If you have nothing to hide then post your social security number in the comments below. Thank you for giving away your rights.

oh and by the way, you also gave away your FICA taxes because that trust fund has been raided, they need to sic the antitrust dogs on themselves

another one of those good things that sound bad
even worse,
and the opposite
the bad things that sound good
e.g., Citizens United and Right2Work

the media who decides what to call these things are the ones who benefit the most if you do not understand that they are infringements

it’s very strange how they act and think as if they’re never going to die … how quickly we forget!