14 Aug



2 Jul

aw c’mon people,
the only currency in this bankrupt world are when two people are not being cool… phillipSeymourHOFFMAN line delivered in almostFAMOUS
Let your weirdness out,
it scrolls into oblivion anyway…
only your friends will see it
“Your Friends are your needs answered…they Understand! They understand!” – kahlilGIBRAN -


high school bestys

30 Jun


Joni called Jacque’s boyfriend, Alfalfa, he was always with us, even wedding and baby showers, he was like our bodyguard cracking peanuts in the bar, and he didn’t talk much either and when he did his delivery was impeccable and he never laughed at his own jokes… laughter is pretty welcome to any clique

i dare say

Learning Experience

27 Jun

Learning is not actually in the class of experience.  Everytime you are not learning you are having an experience this is not necessarily a good idea, if yin eyes are watching then you can see what you’re doing otherwise better not


better not


the best is a seminar

in college

no exam

write a paper about it

the grade on the paper

is the grade of the class

they should offer more seminars

seminars in everything

you remember teaching
when you are always the student

New York City Just Like I Pictured It, Skyscrapers and Erryth

27 Jun

It seems to be my doom to find a genre, not just any, no I had to go ahead with the one consistently made me want to write.

The self indulgence of An Introduction, is very like my prologue.  Heretofore:  Living Just Enough for The City from Innervisions 1973 Stevy Wonder music.


It all began with the death of Phillip Seymour Hoffman and how he was playing a part in my dream and he was in a public place, i think a restaurant and sees a critic and confronts him and makes a big scene about a review


it was NOT his review


Should it be his review.  This is the question?  Is my main character defending himself, or is he defending drama?



26 Jun


Today is the long day then. The morning of the first day of Ordinary Time the plants are planted and the 24 hours are full of midsummer dreams and titans and good fellows.


Tupelo Honey

23 Jun

Montreaux 1980
with Van Morrison and PeeWeeELLIS


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