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16 Oct

one of my favorites, the author of the bestselling children’s book of all time, Charlotte’s Web, Elwyn Brooks White, edited and reissued the writer’s guide written by his professor at Cornell, Strunk.  The book, The Elements of Style, is the ivy standard for basic prose.  White writes that style is better in the third person and that although he, himself, wrote in the editorial first person plural for all of his career with The New Yorker and then spread out and wrote stories and poetry, while his most published was the essay, the singular form which he had strongly advised against.

thus it was

if you are good at it, then you can go ahead

maybe this is why i only tried to publish once in my Life
because i who would pay for my observations

there is, im guessing, something about being ivy that gives one the voice of authority and the deprecating humor of an educated essayist and i think that one is ivy long before one enters the hallowed halls, it is the way the family shapes one to become ivy, and how it is always understood that being ivy is just what you do

these considerations have been weighing with me today as i am working on bLog, wysiwig

e.b.White was born on July 11, 1899
he was the youngest in a family whose father was trapped in litigation for years

which made the household nervous and insular

traits which e.b.White retained throughout his Life
and which he is not ashamed to write about at length
he writes about everything except that truth which is he spends most of his time fishing in the Atlantic

that is his secret

Propaganda or PR: Which works better on you?

15 Oct

i don’t feel a need to criticize this generation, i think y’all are jealous, and i think they are more understanding and i think it is because their mind is not muddled by disinformation campaigns, propaganda is strictly aimed at The Second Millenial minds, it doesn’t work anymore

young people housed me and fed me for three years, would you have taken in an old gray-haired lady when you were 19 years old?


13 Oct

Life is the same.  It hasn’t changed.  I’ve changed back.  The bLog must go on!

so they have redesigned it so that it looks like an eMail

1 Oct


and there is this thing called a slug that i am looking for so i typed in a greeting and now i will publish this and see where the slug goes

just like Writing an eMail

1 Oct

i have so much more to say about The Roosevelts

i wish i had more web security

it isn’t going to come from an anonymous download now is it?

the hackers and the government are way ahead of everyone else when it comes to mastering this form and the rest of us are just happy that it works, so happy, except when it doesn’t

and then we have these minor revelations that for bLog writers, this is just like writing an eMail

a few several words on The Roosevelts

28 Sep

this is so epic, i have to take notes, and this is my second time through and it stops tomorrow and then i would have to wait until it comes to the library to see it, and i figure most of y’all aren’t going to watch 14 hours of the history of American politics in the first half of the 20th century, because that is what it is, and the things i did not know would fill a book which was written by geoffreyWARD to whom we are intdebted for the script and so i begin this essay, tLog on this piece by the public broadcasting system, using the latest in documentary style editing, as perfected in the epic history on The Civil War which began a huge exploration, which is culminating in this show, where the music of the times reflects the jazz that was pouring out of LouisARMSTRONG, and the rest of the dixie players who had created a new American form of music that would culminate in rock and roll and enjoy a neorenaissance in street rap, and thats the way it is folks, and the big bands, segue through on the way, and bing gives it a thing, and complimentary to the footage, there is the extraordinary talent of Meryl Streep being eleanorROOSEVELT because she never lost her upper west side accent, she didn’t even think about trying to speak any differently


HASTEN QUICKLY THERE!  is what her uncle TR said to his cowboys when he  bought a ranch in dakota…


How can we study history.  Live thorugh what we have lived through and allow the course of Life to put us through these same horrible experiences.  War is suicide.  ER

the end of Part 5,
In 1939, the King and Queen came to Springwood, and have to go home to face five more years of Hitler’s blitz bombers until America comes to the rescue. Made me cry seeing them going off on the train, the queen mum, young and looking like her daughter Elizabeth, and George looking just like his brother Edward, and remembering his story in The King’s Speech


Part 6 The Common Cause

This beautiful weather has been going on for days and days, but The Roosevelts are only available on-line for two more days.

in this episode, through incentives and sanctions FDR wrote an executive order #8802 to force defense contractors to hire minorities. It was the first civil rights action taken since Reconstruction. A woman wrote to the new fair employment practices commission (FEPC) to tell how her son had been discriminated against and at the end of the letter she added: Please let me hear from you at once, because Mr. President if you cannot do anything, I need to write to Mrs. Roosevelt.

September is the new New Year’s.

26 Aug

fast away the summer finally arrives and settles in and everything is getting all muggy and sweaty here … the whole calendar is pushed around 

we had such a steady strong lovely seemingly endless downpour, you could practically hear the roots sucking it all in … happily … and thinking of all the thirst of all the plants…  we can only pray they don’t mind as terribly as we do being thirsty 


and the waste 

while people thirst we spend fortunes to kill them 

while people hunger we spend millions to destroy them 

while people suffer we spend our tax dollars on ways to incinerate them 

What is wrong with us?  


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